Mailing Instructions

Mailing Label and Cover Sheet

Applicants are required to use the following Mailing Label and Cover Sheet when submitting application materials. Using these ensures the accurate and timely processing of admissions documents.

The Graduate Admissions and Enrollment Office advises applicants to submit the online application before sending any supporting documentation. Admissions documents can then be matched to an existing record in the system.

Materials Not to Send

The Graduate Admissions and Enrollment Office does not accept the following documents:

  1. Paper versions of required uploads in the online application (statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, resume, sample(s) of work in excess of 1 MB).
  2. Any document that is not required for admission (passport copies, financial statements, certificates, diplomas, health records etc.)
  3. Non-English language transcripts.

Mailing Requirements

The materials should be sent as follows:

  1. As originals (i.e. no copies, faxes or scans).
  2. Each envelope must include a completed Cover Sheet. (Envelopes received without a Cover Sheet may be discarded.)
  3. Official transcripts with the Cover Sheet. If an institution will not include the Cover Sheet with its transcripts, the transcript should be mailed directly to the applicant.
    The applicant can then send the still sealed transcript with the Cover Sheet to the Admissions Office. (Please note that an unofficial transcript is required for the submission of the online application.)
  4. Documents left in the sealed envelope (i.e. do not open them) Do not staple, fold or paper clip documents together. Official transcripts should not be opened before they are mailed to the Office of Graduate Admissions and Enrollment.

Contact Information and Mailing Address

Johns Hopkins University
Full-time Studies in Arts, Sciences and Engineering
Graduate Admissions and Enrollment Office
Shriver Hall 28
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Please note: The Admissions Office only accepts regular mail, Certified Mail, UPS, DHL and Fed Ex deliveries.

If applying to more than one department, applicants are required to send a complete admissions packet for each application.

All application documents must be provided in English (either the original or translations of the original). English translatiion can be obtained for a fee by contacting World Education Services.